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  • How to #Enjoy Travelling with Zero Worries

How to #Enjoy Travelling with Zero Worries

Travelling is surely one of the best things one could ever experience, but did you notice how dry and tight your skin feels after a long flight? Pretty sure that every jetsetter out there knows the struggle of dealing with such after flying so keep reading to know the cause and the remedies as well.

The reason why your skin dries up when riding an airplane is because cabin air contains no moisture. At all! So if you’re wondering why you seemed to have lost your glow after riding the plane, high altitude’s the one to blame. But hey, there’s nothing to fret about because there are ways on how you can deal with such dilemma.

How to #Enjoy the world with zero worries? Give these products a test run and see how much easier your travel life can be!


What better way to relax upon arrival than to settle in your hotel and start fresh? Start from zero and remove your make-up with Korea’s best-selling make-up remover, Clean It Zero! As mentioned above, cabin air tends to dry up the skin so go for Clean It Zero Radiance which doesn’t just remove make-up but moisturizes the skin as well.

Itching to remove your make-up the very moment you stepped off the plane? No worries, Clean It Zero is so convenient to use that you can literally lather it on your face whenever, wherever. Feeling doubtful? Go give it a try, we guarantee you that it’s so quick and clean to use!

Key Ingredients:

Grape seed extract – brightens up dull and lifeless skin

Moringa oil – replenishes moisture


The closer you are to the sun, the more prone to damage your skin is. Whether or not you copped the window seat, it’s still very important to apply sunscreen. In fact, wearing sunscreen everyday is considered a must. The sun might be a great source for Vitamin D but as they say, too much of everything can be bad.

If you’re worried about dealing with sticky skin then that’s an issue you’ll never experience with the Hello, Sunny Aqua Sun Cream. It’s extremely lightweight and is easily absorbed by the skin when applied. Although thin in consistency, each dollop is packed with SPF50+ PAA+. This is also perfect for when you’re about to explore different cities! How exciting!

Key ingredient:

Deep Sea Algae Extract – detoxifies skin and protects it from harmful external environment factors


This might not help you with your dry skin after your flight but hey, it can help liven up your dull skin so this dual tint is still something you might want to bring with you. It has an emulsion tip on one end and a gel tint on the other. The emulsion provides your lips a hint of color while conditioning it as well. Flip it over and apply the gel tint at the center of your lips to give dimension.

Don’t forget about your cheeks too. Air inside the airplane also steals your skin’s glow so make sure to use this tint as a blush to give your skin some life. Simply dot the emulsion on the apples of your cheeks and quickly blend, voila! Picture perfect!

Experience the world at its best with zero worries and travel with Clean It Zero!

Receive 2 pieces of Mini Clean It Zero for free when you spend P1,995 and above this June. Promo is available both online and in all our branches.

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