Clean It Zero Classic


Designer: Banila Co


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Removing make-up can be really exhausting and time-consuming, but not with Clean It Zero a.k.a. Korea's best-selling make-up cleanser!

This award-winning make-up cleanser comes in a balm form which eventually turns into oil upon application. As it dissolves, it also melts all your make-up away and by all, we mean EVERYTHING. From stubborn mascaras to waterproof lip products, Clean It Zero will definitely leave zero trace of make-up behind. Did we mention that it's not greasy and not messy to use? Each tub also includes a spatula for hygienic purposes. It's perfectly convenient to use even when traveling and a guaranteed investment since you won't be needing a lot to completely remove your make-up.

Clean It Zero Classic has acerola and papaya extracts that exfoliate and brighten up the skin respectively. Recommended for ALL skin types.
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